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A place for the Clans of Chivalry/Slasher project to come and discuss, leagues, tournaments, Etc.

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Chivalry Alliance

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1 Chivalry Alliance on Tue Oct 27, 2015 3:49 pm


Originally this site was made to coordinate for chiv comp players to set up tourneys and SML with out the trolls, but it was rather too disorganized for my first attempt at a league.

HOWEVER, now we will get down to business. I'm using this site now for the Chivalry Alliance, for Chivalry and ex Chivalry players to come together and play other games.

I am the current admin, but as we start to get bigger I will set leaders of the clans to assist with Admin/moderating with the forums. This forum is temporary, until we get a REAL official website going. Smile

I'll start different topics and grow roster size. For games, I will post the roster and update them as we grow, just post that you play that game and your profile and I will put you into the roster.

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