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Chivalry Summer League

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1 Chivalry Summer League on Mon Jun 08, 2015 9:17 pm


Hey all, I decided it was time to get a more active league going, everything in here is up for change, I want to get as many clans as possible in the league, a Gold, Silver and Bronze Divisions (not agatha/mason division). If this is the case the bigger clans can get a B team in there. and possibly work their way up. I would like to see this. However both teams would never play at the same times nor each other unless both teams manage to qualify to the finals. I doubt many clans have enough for 2, but if we need some spots filled we could use it. So far this is what I have drawn up. AS AN EXAMPLE ONLY. I want to keep it up for TO, but I'm going to be honest, yes it takes strategy for TO, how ever To keep this going I want flexibility with time. and LTS matches are quick. 10 rounds of 8v8 is what I want to go for.  How ever there are some changes to make to an 8v8 LTS/CTF/KOTH/LKS match. 2 archers Max, 50% rule will apply, Forest Map only for LTS. There will be a Kendo to determine agatha/mason spawn.

Lemme know what you guys think, feel free to use this forum to coordinate any news, events with other clan leaders. I prefer to make this private, I don't want spammers or trolls. Leaders or Co leaders ONLY. I will not head up TO by itself, feel free to decline. Feel free to use my basis^ for TO ONLY league if that is more your style. Marathon league? LTS, TO AND CTF as an event winner of 2 events gains the win, sound do-able?

PS. Yes I know several of these clans are dead. This is JUST AN EXAMPLE.

Also, (For LTS) I don't know which you guys would prefer a 1 minute break after each round or 1 minute break after round 3 and 7, PLUS 5 min half time break when the first team hits 5 wins.

There will be room for Refs and streamers.
Love you
-Lord Commander Guts of Hell-ish

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